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Mort Kunstler
Mort Kunstler is one of the nation's top historical artists. His Civil War paintings quickly made him a household name.
John Paul Strain
Mr. Strain hails from Texas and has continuously published stunning Civil War images. So life-like, you feel as if you're there!
Earl Mills
Earl resides in Harpers Ferry, WV and specializes in capturing the beauty of the surrounding small towns and battlefields.
Barry D. Richardson
Barry's work appeals to all ages, all backgrounds. A favorite teacher for many Frederick county students, Barry was loved by all he met.
David Zimmerman
David's paintings sparkle with light and color...you can feel yourself on that street, in that field. David now lives in NC with his lovely wife.
David Yontz
A long-time resident of Jefferson, MD and local postmaster, David brought Frederick County to life through his watercolors.
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