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Consultation / Installation Services


       Need a new look but not sure where to begin? Why pay for an interior designer?


      If you need a little extra help, we'd be happy to begin with a consultation to discuss your needs and take an in-depth look at your space. We then can recommend sizes, colors and type of artwork to help your walls compliment the rest of your business atmosphere.


      Our staff works closely with you to ensure that you're 100% happy with the finished product. We know that it's the details that make a business stand out from the crowd.


      Once your artwork is ready, we're able to bring it to you, on your schedule, and professionally install all of your pieces. You can relax and concentrate on your business instead of worrying about transporting and hanging (and re-hanging) your new prints.


     And all of just part of what we do. No added charges. Just great service.

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